Our Approach

Colbr Consulting Inc. is a small, New Brunswick based, family run consultancy focusing on Project and Construction Management or Project Management and Archaeology. Colbr’s focus on excellence, efficiency, and economics makes us the perfect choice for your large or small scale projects. Colbr is an industry leader in mechanical testing for Archeological Impact Assessments and currently holds numerous patents on specialized testing equipment. Colbr is also one of the only archaeological consultancies in New Brunswick that has a professional, specialist trained Maritime Archaeologist for all of your coastal or underwater archaeological needs (diving services on offer up to 120 ft and UAV services available).

Our Story

Colbr Consulting Inc. began in 2006 after Dan Colwell, P.Eng left a long career in private industry as a Senior Project Manager and Mechanical Engineer in Saint John, NB. After over ten years of success as an engineering consultancy, Colbr expanded into Archaeology with Chelsea Colwell-Pasch joining the firm in 2016 after successfully completing her graduate degree at prestigious Flinders University in South Australia and a contract with Archaeological Services Branch, Government of New Brunswick.

Meet the Team


Dan Colwell

Founder & Senior Engineer


Chelsea Colwell-Pasch

Director & Senior Archaeolgist


Brenda Colwell

Administrative Manager

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